◊ Welcome to House of Industrial Rubber Products | We are based in India involved in manufacturing of Neroprene, Nitrile Polyurethene and specialist in manufacturing of Silicon and Viton Rubber. We also manufacture and export other industrial rubber products viz. Gasket, Seals and Oil Seals, and other custom made components. Our Products is widely used in Automobile Industries, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries, Paper Mills, Defence (Navy & Army), Earth Mover (Manufacturer / End users), Electrical Instruments, etc.◊
  Our Mission
To be able to supply Industrial Rubber products to each and every country in the World and take maximum advantage of the globalization and Free Trade policies.

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  Welcome to House of Rubber Products
INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS (IRP) is a leading, manufacturer; a direct, one-stop source for all your Standard and Custom Rubber Gasket and Sealing requirements. Besides our industry leading quality and service, IRP handles all types and grades of rubber materials and employs all types of processes in order to get the job done right on time and in the most cost effective way.

Why is the use of different processes important?
Most fabricated rubber products can be made through more than one basic process, but that doesn't mean that one is just as good as another. In fact, we commonly work around "easier" ways to get a job done because, for instance, we don't want a customer to buy an expensive mold to get a few parts that could be done as die cut gaskets or extruding coupled with secondary vulcanizing or machining operations. In other words, you don't have to know whether the custom gaskets you need would be better manufactured as die cut gaskets, extruded rubber seals, or molded rubber gaskets. Our technical assistance is free, and our knowledgeable staff will consider all possibilities. We think you'll like how we do our job, and not having to worry about whether your parts are a die cut gaskets or molded rubber, or especially whether or not they'll be done right and delivered on time.

Of course, just as we don't approach your part requirements with a biased view on how to fabricate it, we also don't favor any particular materials. In both cases, our only bias is towards what works best for you, our customer (or at least soon-to-be customer...we hope).  
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